Prof. Randa Khair-Abbas

College President

The Academic Arab College for Education in‮ ‬Israel‭, ‬Haifa


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Other Publications

Abbas, R. (2005). Factors affecting the school culture. Albustan, periodical on education, society and culture in the Druze and Circassians Sectors. Jerusalem: The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. (Hebrew).

Abbas, R. (2009). Education in a multicultural society. In the 3rd Maalot-Tarshiha  conference for coexistence life indicated from crisis to growth (pp. 57-59), Western Galilee Academic College, Maalot-Tarshiha Municipality. Conference book. (Hebrew).

Abbas, R. (2009). The educational system in Israel, Paideia, pp. 1- 7.

Abbas, R. (2010). Druze women’s status in society- between tradition and progress. In S. Avivi (Ed.). Druze in Israel (pp. 26-29). Ramat Hasharon: Legacy Center for Intelligence (MLM.). (He