Prof. Randa Khair-Abbas

College President

The Academic Arab College for Education in‮ ‬Israel‭, ‬Haifa


[email protected]


CV File


Accepted for publication

*Abbas, R., Vaknin-Nusbaum, V. & Ilaiyan, S. (2020). Attitudes of Arabic-speaking Druze pupils to literary Arabic and Hebrew. Pragmatics and Society. Volume. 1.  (SJR  H index: 9. Ranking: Q2, IF=0.15). Accepted for publication. Lead author: Abbas, R.

*Abbas, R. & Ilaiyan, S.(2020). Is there indeed a commitment in trainee teachers of Israel’s Arab sector to education for multiculturalism? Intercultural Education. Volume 31.5,. (SJR H index: 12, Ranking: Q1-Q2, IF= 0.42). Lead author: Abbas, R.