Prof. Randa Khair-Abbas

College President

The Academic Arab College for Education in‮ ‬Israel‭, ‬Haifa


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Court, D., & Abbas, R. (2010). The role of Druze high schools in Israel in shaping students’ identity and citizenship. Education, Citizenship and Social Justice, 5(2),145-162. (SJR H index: 16,  Ranking: Q2, IF=0.38). Lead author: Abbas, R.
4 citations. 

Court, D., & Abbas, R. (2011). The view from the bridge: An Israeli Druze woman as guardian of religious tradition and agent of social change. International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society, 1(1), 135-146. (SJR H index: 1, Ranking: Q2, IF=0.12). Lead author: Abbas, R. 

Abbas, R., & Nabwane, M. (2011). Individual learning and its contribution to the development of interaction between teacher and student at school – a case study among fifth grade students. Daruna, 40, 152-175. (Hebrew).

Abbas, R. (2012). The difference between students who learn in technical school and students who learn in regular school regarding the level of Arab self-estimation. Daruna, 41, 34-42. (Hebrew).

Abbas, R. (2012). Cooperative learning, leading to academic achievement and personal development of relations between heterogeneous classes. Daruna, 40, 22-33. (Hebrew).

Abbas, R., & Court, D. (2012). We cannot move forward unless we preserve us traditions: Women principals as leaders in Israel Druze society. Education and Society, 30(2), 67-82. (Era) B. Lead author: Abbas, R.
3 citations 

Abbas, R., & Court, D. (2013). The location of professions curriculum:  Heritage, Arabic literature, geography, “Shelah” (Field, Nationality and Society) and land knowledge, in designing the identity and deepening the level of citizenship among adolescent Druze: Ethnographic case study in two Druze schools. Dapim, Study and Research in Education, 55, 59-89. (Hebrew). Leading author: Abbas, R. 

Arar, H., Abbas, R., & Aodey, S. (2013). Who’s the manager? Role assistant manager at the Arab schools in Israel: Career, relationship and satisfaction. Studies in Educational Administration and Evaluation, 33, 9-34. (Hebrew). Equal contribution

*Court, D., & Abbas, R. (2014). Whose interview is it, anyway? Methodological  and ethical challenges of insider-outsider research, multiple languages and dual- researcher cooperation. Qualitative Inquiry, 19(6), 480-488. (SJR H index: 59. Ranking: Q1, IF= 0.69). Equal contribution
18 citations

*Court, D., & Abbas, R. (2014). Will education for tradition be enough in closing circle of secrets? Religious Education, 109(5), 489-506. (SJR H index: 13, Ranking: Q3, IF=0.27). Leading author: Abbas, R.
2 citations 

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1 citation

*Abbas, R. & Court, D. (2015). Two ethnographers embark on a narrative journey.  The Qualitative Report, 20(9), 1448-1457. (SJR H index: 13,  Ranking: Q3, IF=0.27). Equal contribution
2 citations

*Keller, T., Camardese., A., & Abbas, R. (2017). “We don’t talk about that here”: Teachers, religion, public elementary schools and the embodiment of silence, a national United States and Israel study. Journal of Childhood and Religion, 7, 1-41. (Ranking was not found- a peer-reviewed online journal). Equal contribution
1 citation

*Abbas, R., Pataki, Sh., & Vaknin-Nusbaum, V., & Ilaiyan, S. (2018). What do they want my life? The perception of Parent – child relationships among Druze adolescents in Israel.  Journal of Adolescent Research. 1-21.  (SJR. H index: 72. Ranking: Q1-Q2 IF= 0.7). Leading author: Abbas, R. 

*Abbas, R., Vaknin-Nusbaum, V., Neuman, A., Mongillo, G., Feola, D., & Kaplan, R. (2018). The use of modern standard and spoken Arabic in math lessons: The case of a diglossic language. Culture and Education, 30(4), 730-765 (SJR H index 12. Ranking Q2-Q3 – IF-0.29). Leading author: Abbas, R.

*Mongillo, G., Feola, D., Kaplan, R., Vaknin-Nusbaum, V., & Abbas, R. (2019). Primary teachers’ use of communicative strategies for linguistically diverse learners: A cross-cultural case study. The Language and Literacy  Spectrum. Vol. 29 : Iss. 1 , Article 5. Available at: (peer reviewed journal). Equal contribution 

*Abbas, R. & Court, D. (2019). Inside out or outside in? On the issue of dress for teachers of religion, and the case of the Druze. Religious Education 115(2), 119-128. (SJR H index: 13, Ranking: Q3, IF=0.27).  Equal contribution

*Abbas, R., Neumann and Gutermen, O. (2021). Why don’t Druze families homeschool? Religion, tradition and the status of women. International Journal of Religion and Spirituality, 11(2), 191-200. Leading author: Abbas, R.

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