Prof. Randa Khair-Abbas

College President

The Academic Arab College for Education in‮ ‬Israel‭, ‬Haifa


[email protected]


CV File


Scholarly Positions and Activities outside the Institution Ad-Hoc reviewer


2013: Men and Masculinities Journal. SAGE Journals-  (IF – 1.863)

2018 Intercultural Education. Taylor & Francis  (SJR- Q1).

2019: Journal of Language and Social Psychology. SAGE Publications (SJR- Q1)

Research proposals:

2018: Ministry of Science, Technology and Space. Israel.

2011: Center for the Study of Bedouin Society and its Development, Ben Gurion University. 

Research proposals for conferences:

2017: “The Chad berg Scale –a tool to align expectations in global virtual meetings”. SIETAR Europa Congress 2017 organizers.

Pedagogical consulting on educational book publishing:

2012: First in science and technology for 1st grades. Student textbook. Ministry of Education.

2013: Nurturing scientific skills. A workbook for 4th graders. Science and  Technology Center.

2013: Nurturing motor skills. A workbook for 5th graders. Science and Technology Center.

2018: The young researcher. A workbook for 4th graders. Ministry of Education.

Review of Children’s books

2013: Book review of “Sittil’s Secrets”. Randa Abbas, Charlene Klassen Endrizzi, Amy Camardese and Diana Reed.A young girl describes a visit to see her grandmother in a Palestinian village on the West Bank. Review published at:

Development of international educational projects:

2017- Consultant for construction and development of international educational projects” Breaking Boundaries project”. Collaboration between Westminster College PA, USA, Western Galilee College and The Arab Academic College


2014-2017 – AERA – American Educational Research Association.

2015-2017 WERA – World Education Research Association.